Feb. 18th – Feb.22nd

Kindergarten – will continue its study of rhyming books and hear the story of Pout Pout Fish in the Big Dark Ocean.  They will compare that fiction book with the non-fiction book called Oceans.  We will make up motions to the finger play:  Five Little Pouty Fish.  We will Hear another story in the form of a song.  It’s called The Pout Pout Fish Song.  We will watch a video clip about a real Ocean Pout Fish.  Play a rhyme game here.

First Grade –   continues it’s study about Presidents.  We will enjoy the book,  What Presidents are Made Of.   We will all look at books from the book room about Lincoln.  If there is time, we will view a timeline about Lincoln found on BookFlix (People and Places; 5-8; Explore the Web)      Students can see our Presidents here.

Second Grade –  We will continue our study of biographies.  We will listen to: George Washington’s Teeth and look at a small biography about Washington.  We will do activities under Explore the Web in the People and Places section on BookFlix under Washington’s books.  (60 Second Video/Portrait of G. Washington/President’s Day Home Page)

Third Grade a.m. –  We will continue our civil rights study unit by taking part in a reader’s theater about Martin Luther King, Jr.  This is a story about him as a child. We will talk about what freedoms he and his family were denied.  We will review the definition of Civil Rights and practice naming the freedoms.  If we have time, we will read the story my brother Martin.

Third Grade p.m. – Students will spend between 10-15 minutes researching their country and/or animal.  We will use WBKids (Student) and A-Z Animals National Geographic Kids as sources of information. Then Mrs. Elder will demonstrate how to make a google slide.  With the remaining time, students will just explore the Google Slide application and “practice” inserting pictures, and text boxes.

Fourth Grade  –  Students will finish book talking their Steven Jenkins book.  With remaining time, we will go review Steve Jenkins website.  If time permits I can read from one of his books.

Fifth Grade –   We will practice using ISearch with some specific ISearch Challenges.

Feb. 11th – Feb.15th

Kindergarten – We will be reading the book,  Llama Llama home with Mama. Show other Llama Llama books. We will go back through and talk about the rhyming words in the book.  We can look over the Llama Llama website and color a handout from the website.

First Grade will continue its study about Presidents. We will read both a fiction and non-fiction book about president’s day and if time permits watch a school tube video about president’s day. (7min.) Students can see our Presidents here.

Second Grade –  We will pass out the BR biographies.  We will talk about what’s in a biography.  We will read a biography about Johnny Appleseed. We will hear the local story about Johnny Appleseed from the History of Knox County.  On Bookflix we will look at the rookie reader entry under Johnny Appleseed and do the word match activity.  Any remaining time we can put together an apple puzzle.

Third Grade a.m. – will continue its unit on Civil Rights.  We will start out this week by reading a handout taken from World Book Kids and talking about Civil Rights.  We will listen to the story Stand Up by Sitting Down.  Students then will  watch a slide show that depicts numerous ways of discrimination. Discussion to follow.

Third Grade p.m. – We will finish up any work on our written and online country fact handouts.  Then we will begin research on an animal from our country.  We will use WBKids (Student) and A-Z Animals National Geographic Kids as sources of information.  We will take written notes on our handout.

Fourth Grade –  We will share what we’ve learned about our Steve Jenkins’ books with our classmates.

Fifth Grade –   will practice finding books, magazines, newspaper articles, and encyclopedia articles using ISearch.    We will try to find an encyclopedia article about Abraham Lincoln.  We will try to find a newspaper article about President’s Day. If we have time we might look up President Trump and find a magazine article that is current and at our level.

Feb. 4th – Feb.8th

Kindergarten – This month in Kindergarten we will focus on stories with rhyming words.   We will ask the students what  they know about worms. Then we will read Superworm by Julia Donaldson.   Following Checkout we will watch the Book Fair video.  The book fair will be next week.  If there is any additional time we will go to INFOhio and get on bookflix (Animals & Nature)  and read It Could Still be a Worm.  Then under Explore the Web we will watch Worm  Slime and Worm Alert.  Another option is that we can put together this easy puzzle.

First Grade – Since we celebrate President’s Day in February we will find answers to  — who are presidents and what do they do?  We will read the book, Madame President. After Checkout we will watch the book fair video. With any remaining time we will look at some pictures of our country’s presidents.

Second Grade – We will read/look at some biographies of Abraham Lincoln.  (Abe Lincoln Remembers)  After checkout we will watch the book fair video.  Then, we will look at the timeline under “explore the web” in Bookflix People and Places.  If we have time we will also look at the Presidents Day Home Page made by other elementary students.

Third Grade a.m.  – We will begin a unit on Civil Rights.  We will talk about the Civil War and read a biography about Harriet Tubman called Minty.   We will look up “slavery” on WB Kids and find out how long slavery was around in our country.

Third Grade p.m. – This week we will begin a new project in our quest to know the world’s geography. First we will watch this video about all the countries in the world.  Then we will  explore the new books that we got.  There are 10-12 books per table and we will take about 5 minutes to look them over.  Each student will pick one, read it and fill out the handout about his/her book.  With remaining time students can have some fun putting together a jigsaw puzzle of a world map.

Fourth Grade – After checkout we will watch the book fair video.  With any remaining time we will review our notes about the Steve Jenkins book that we have studied.  Next week we will do some speed booktalking with our classmates using the notes we have taken.

Fifth Grade – (After checkout we will watch the book fair video.)  Students in computer lab will play Kahoot

Jan. 28th – Feb. 1st

Kindergarten – After looking at books on the table, we will start off with the book,  Hickory Dickory Dog  and then read the non-fiction book, Loveable Dogs.  We will talk about the differences between the two books and the difference between fiction and non-fiction. We will have fun checking out some dog pictures.  We will color the Nursery Rhyme Hickory Dickory Dock online  or put together a puppy puzzle.

First Grade – We will read a fiction book about the 100th day of school.  Then we will read a non-fiction book about what it was like 100 years ago.  After check-out we will watch a slide show about things around the house that can look like the number 100.  Can the students guess what they are?    Here is a 100 # chart to fill in.

Second Grade – Students will finish their study of Jack and the Beanstalk with hearing the sequel –  Look Out Jack the Giant’s Back.  Then they will enjoy a visit from a harpist!  Maybe they will get a chance to strum it!

Third Grade a.m. – This will finish up our unit on the Magic School Bus Books.  Today we will hear the story – The Magic School Bus and the Waterworks.  We will use our time after check-out to watch our BookFair video.  The bookfair will be here in two weeks!

Third Grade p.m. –  Students will use atlases to find Chile and “Easter Island”.  Where is Easter Island?  We will watch a short video on Easter Island then go to WBKids and see if we can learn more about Easter Island.  We will have some fun with the 3rd grade geography tab and look at the “look-alike” picture for an Easter Island sculpture.  Then we will use google maps to explore Easter Island.

Fourth Grade –  We will be working on our Steve Jenkins projects today . We may check out Steve Jenkins website for awards and Amazon for reviews.

Fifth Grade – This week 5th graders will learn some tips and tricks about doing google searches, including the advanced google search tool.  (timer, calculator, weather, Advanced search)

Jan. 22nd – Jan. 25th

Remember we have Monday off this week to honor and remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Kindergarten – We will continue our Nursery Rhymes unit with Baa Baa Black Sheep.  Students will hear the nursery rhyme and also look at a non-fiction book about sheep.  Students can use the Nursery Rhyme button at the top of this page to explore videos, pictures and online coloring of nursery rhymes.

First Grade  –  We will learn a little bit about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  We will read This is the Dream and the non-fiction book Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  After check-out we will make a hand for a “chain of hands” as suggested in the book on pg. 21.  If time permits students can put together a puzzle of  hands joined together.

Second Grade – We will read another perspective of the Jack and the BeanStalk Story.  Today we will read:  Trust Me, Jack’s Beanstalk Stinks!   We will then enjoy watching Jack In the Beanstalk, A Fractured Fairytale.

Third Grade a.m. – We will continue our study of the Magic School Bus books with the reading of the story  – the Magic SchoolBus explores the Senses.  We will practice using Cat. Jr. to look up “senses”.  We will also practice using WBKids to look up “senses.”

Third Grade p.m. – We will listen to the Japanese Folktale – The Badger and the Magic Fan.  We will read about Japan in WBKids. We will look at the “look-alike” picture from Japan on the “3rd grade geography” tab and then go to google maps to explore Tokyo and beyond.

Fourth Grade – We will work on page 2 of our Steve Jenkins Google Doc.  We will toggle between our doc and Amazon Reviews and Steve Jenkins’ website.

Fifth Grade –  We will talk about parts of a website and how to “read” a website. Watch this short video on reading webpages.  We will go to our School page to practice what we learn.  Then we will take a look at the Christopher Columbus site.   Take a look at History for Kids.  Can you find the ads?  the navigation bar or menu?   the main content?  Can you search the site?  Is it a reliable site?



Jan. 14th- Jan. 18th

Kindergarten  – We continue our Nursery Rhyme Study with the Three Little Kittens. First, we will look at some books that are about cats or kittens. We will hear Jerry Pinkney’s version of that rhyme and then look at a non-fiction book about kittens and compare the two books.  We will watch a short video clip about kittens and if time, color some online. Click on the Kindergarten tab at the top of this page.

First Grade –  We will continue talking about animals in cold habitats.  We will read Tacky and the Winter Games.  We will look at a non-fiction book about penguins. We will learn some facts about real penguins from this video.  Students can put together a puzzle of a penguin.  

Second Grade –  We will hear another version of Jack and the Beanstalk.  After we get our books we will work with our tablemates to put  sequence strips about Jack and the Beanstalk in order.  If time permits, students can put together an online puzzle of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Third Grade a.m.–  We will continue our study of the Magic School Bus books by hearing the story,  The Magic School Bus Inside a Beehive.  We will use the online cataglog to look up books about bees and then  we will use WB Kids to find out more facts about bees.

Third Grade p.m.   Read the folktale, Master Man.  Find the Nigeria slide on the 3rd grade geography tab, look at the picture and talk about it.  Look up Nigeria in WBKids and then access google keep to make a new slide for Nigeria.  Label it Africa.  Notes could include –  plains and hills, farming and mining, hot,  English spoken.

Fourth Grade  – Students will each choose one of Steve Jenkins’ books.  They will begin to complete an online handout that asks them to summarize their book and to make comments about the information and illustrations.  They will need to “make a copy” of the handout.

Fifth Grade –  We will continue our internet literacy unit  by going over page 2 of a handout about internet terminology. Type into the  google page “define:” and the word you need.  We can also learn through this video about blogging  and about wikis here.



Jan. 7th – Jan.11th

Kindergarten will continue its nursery rhyme study with 1-2 Buckle My Shoe and the Big Fat Hen.  We will compare the two stories and read a non-fiction book about chickens.   We will watch videos and or music clips and color nursery rhymes online.  Click on the kindergarten tab at the top of this page.   Here’s a coloring page of a chicken.

First Grade –  We will read the book, Red Fox by Eve Bunting.  We will talk about the habitat of the red fox and compare it to the Arctic Fox.  Red Fox Fun Facts    Arctic Fox facts    We can do a jigsaw puzzle of      a red fox  OR  an arctic fox.

2nd Grade will listen to  a different version of Jack in the Beanstalk. (Jack and the Beanstalk and the French Fries)  We will make a venn diagram comparing the new version to the traditional version. We will complete a word search using vocabulary from the story.

3rd Grade a.m.  We will continue our study of the Magic School Bus books by hearing the story,  The Magic School Bus Inside a Hurricane.  We will first use the online catalog to see what kinds of books we have on hurricanes.   Then we will use WB Kids to find out more facts about hurricanes.  With any time left over, students can explore World Book Kids.

3rd Grade p.m.  We will go to WBKids and look up Italy and/or Venice. We will use the book Look Alikes Around the World for the next several weeks.  We will check out the Italy slide (3rd grade geography tab) and talk about it together.  We will think of things to add to our note on Italy.  We will use Google Maps to explore Venice.

4th Grade – We will begin a study of the author and illustrator, Steve Jenkins.  They will read Steve Jenkin’s biography online and explore his books.  They will go to the Making Books section of his website.  Then they will  look at his many books and choose one that they would like to learn more about.

5th Grade – We will be talking about smart use of the Internet.  We will be answering the question,  What is a Blog?  We will watch this video about blogging    We will go over a handout (Blogging tab on Virtual Library) together teaching us the netiquette about how to comment on a blog.  We will review our school library blog and then we can check out a kids’ blogs here.

Jan. 3rd – Jan.4th

Kindergarten – At the tables we will look at the books,  The Three Little Pigs and the Somewhat Big Bad Wolf.  We will begin a study of Nursery Rhymes this week with the fiction book To Market To Market.  We will compare it to the nonfiction book called Piglets.  We will enjoy a (2) video version of the rhyme  and see some  real pigs up close. Here we can learn some pig facts. If we have time we will color a picture of a pig online.

First Grade – We will talk about Arctic Animals and Animals in winter.  This week we will enjoy listening to The Gruffalo’s Child.  Then we will use World Book Kids to look up  “Animals in Winter”.  With whatever time we have left we will explore the Gruffalo Website.  Check out the book/movie trailers in “films” and listen to “the songs”.

Second Grade –  We will jump into Jack and the Beanstalk this month and hear and compare several different versions.  Today we will read Steven Kellogg’s version.   After we read it ,  we will get the I Read to You, You Read to Me Fairy Tale books out and do some oral reading together.

Third Grade a.m.  We will start exploring the Magic Schoolbus Books by reading the Dinosaur book first.  We will practice using the online catalog to find books about dinosaurs and then we’ll use WB Kids to look up facts about dinosaurs.     Scholastic’s Magic School Bus        Hop Aboard the Magic School Bus

Third Grade p.m.   We will catch up and review our Google notes on different countries.  We will have some fun with a snowman activity on Google Slides.

Fourth and Fifth Grades — We will start the New Year with a fun snowman activity on Google Slides.  Students will need to go to file and “make a copy”.  Then they just edit and paste their snowmen.



Dec.17th – Dec.20th

Kindergarten – After looking at Christmas books at the tables, we will finish our study of “traditions” by talking about what we do on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  We will read the book,  That’s Good, That’s Bad.  We will watch “A Night Before Christmas” on bookflix and enjoy one more day of Christmas Coloring.

First Grade –  Today we will travel to Texas and hear the Cowboy Night Before Christmas.   We will use atlases to look up where Texas would be on the U.S. map.  Here’s a short video showing some modern day cowboys and what they do.  With remaining time, students can have some online Christmas fun.

Second Grade – We will do one more session on sequencing and retelling with the story, An Amish Christmas.   We will compare and contrast our holiday season to that of the Amish. Here’s a short video about 10 Little Known Facts about the Amish.    Students can share what they have observed or what they know about the Amish around Fredericktown. If time permits, you can look up “Amish” on World Book Student.

Third Grade a.m. –  After check-out,  students will take turns reading their stories and having classmates guess what Christmas item is being personified.  If their is enough time, students can enjoy some online Christmas fun.

Third Grade p.m. – We will hear the book,  The Cajun Night before Christmas.  We will use atlases to find where Louisiana is located.  We will look up the word Louisiana in WBKids.  We will use Google Maps to explore Jackson Square in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Fourth Grade – will continue their study about evaluating websites. They will talk about different kinds of advertisements and then check some out on these sites:  Mr. Nussbaum     Nickelodeon    Geographic Kids     citation machine    Santa Claus History

Fifth Grade – We will review citation practices and play a short kahoot game online.    Click on “play”.

Dec. 10th – Dec. 14th

Kindergarten –  We will look at Christmas books at the tables.  After that,  we will talk about what kinds of decorations people put up at Christmas time. Then we will hear the story,  A Very Marley Christmas.  We will learn that our library has a picture of Marley and that the illustrator for the book, Richard Cowdrey, lives in Gambier, Ohio!  We do some activities on John Grogan’s Website :  A Very Marley Christmas  If time allows, we will watch a short video where puppies get into the Christmas decorations.

First Grade –  We will review where in the world the children have traveled in class and in the library.  We will read,  A Cajun Night Before Christmas.  We will use atlases to see where Louisiana is in our country.  We will also look for the country of France.   We’ll watch this video on Christmas in France.   With remaining time, children can enjoy some Christmas Fun.

Second Grade – We will use the narrative,  One Christmas Dawn.  Students will listen to the story and then retell the sequence of events in the story.  We will learn about the Rose of Sharon by looking it up in World Book Student.  We will talk about other flowers that are associated with Christmas .  We will look at some online pictures of Christmas flowers and then have some online Christmas Fun.

Third Grade a.m. – After checkout,  students will review what they know about personification.  They will hear the book called, “I Stink”.  After discussing how the garbage truck is personified,  students will pick a Christmas item and personify it within a short paragraph.  Next week students will read their stories.  If students finish early they can have some online Christmas Fun.

Third Grade p.m. –  We will listen to the book, The Christmas Knight.  We will use INFOhio and WBKids to look up and learn about the country of England.  We will make a Google Keep note about England.  With remaining time we will use Google Maps to look around the city of London, England.

Fourth Grade –  In the lab this week,  we will be talking about websites and the difference between “quality” of a site and “appeal” of a site.  They will use the following two sites to evaluate:

Animals 1      Animals 2

Fifth Grade –  We will be using a citation machine to create citations for websites.  Students will google the history of a familiar Christmas Carol.  In a new window, they will go to INFOhio and go to world book student.  They will click on “citation builder”.  Together we will look for the pieces necessary to cite a website.


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