April 22nd – April 25th – last week for middle school students to check out books!

Kindergarten –  This week we will read There Was an Old lady who Swallowed a Shell.  Look at the nonfiction books about shells or animals of the sea and shore. Mrs. Elder will talk about some different kinds of shells she has brought in to share. Watch this video about sandcastles!  (3) Put together this puzzle of a sandcastle.    You can color sea life here.

First Grade –  This week we will focus on the habitat of rainforest.  We will read and compare the books, Verdi and Tree of Wonder.  Let’s take a virtual field trip to the Rainforest. (9min.) We will learn how to use habitat maker on the computers.  If time allows, we will color some rainforest or jungle animals.

Second Grade –  Students finish their study of architecture and houses with the story:  This is the House that Jack Built. Students will build their own houses with marshmallows and spaghetti.  Students will use bookflix to watch Roberto the Architect.  (Imagination pages 25-28)(11 1/2 min.)  Learn about future “green” homes. (Green Magic Homes 4 1/2 min.)

Third Grade a.m. – We  will finish our study of Jack Prelutsky by exploring  his website, (stuff by Jack & stuff by kids) reading his poems (Jack’s Poems and Music…read together)  and reading his biography.    We will listen to his poems from the book, It’s Raining Pigs and Noodles during or after we try one of his puzzles.

Third Grade p.m. – We will review  what we’ve learned over the last month/year.  This week we will read a unique version of Red Riding Hood called Little Red Snapperhood.  This could happen in any country that is near or surrounded by water.  We will choose to learn about The Phillipines.  Let’s take a trip to The Phillipines.(watch for 6.5 m)  Where are the Phillipines? 

Fourth Grade – This week we will share our poems with a Poetry Slam.  If there is time left over, students can read from poetry books or look at poetry websites.

Fifth Grade – Mrs. Simmons group will view book trailers about Gordon Korman books, and talk about the SRP at the public library.  Mrs. Elder’s group will review WB Student database and explore WB Timelines.    1.  How many Gordon Korman books are at the public library?   2.  Look at all of his books here.  Which do you know?    3.  Review some of his books here.  The Unteachables, read an excerpt.   Slacker book trailer (1)   Whatshisface ( 25sec-2:38)  Video Preview of Restart (1:41)  Masterminds trailer (30sec)  Hypnotists trailer under Dragonfly Effect (1:48)   Swindle Trailer  (1)  Check out his latest videos –  Book Jeopardy (3)  Jackpot (40sec)  Ungifted (1)




April 15th – April 18th This is the last week for Elementary students to get books!

Kindergarten – And so we continue our readings of There Was an Old Lady……This week we read There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Trout!  We will listen to the book, Trout, Trout, Trout and compare the two.  After check out, we will read the article about trout in World Book Kids.  Students can look at different species of freshwater fish here.   Gone fishing puzzle here.

First Grade – This week’s habitat of study is the savannah or grasslands.  We will compare the nonfiction book, Animal Babies in Grasslands with the fiction book, Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain.  After checkout, we will look up “grasslands” in WB Kids to learn more about it.   Here are some animals to see in a savannah on an African Safari. Color them here.

Second Grade -We will talk about Homes Around the World.  We will read My House Has Stars & If You Lived Here: Houses of the World.  We will get out the atlases and practice using them. We will check out these videos of homes “around the world”    What do you think of these unusual houses?  Where in the world do you suppose they are built?

Third Grade a.m. This week’s book by Jack Prelutsky is called,  Awful Ogre’s Awful Day.  We will talk about what might make an awful day.  We will read the story of Alex and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day.  Students will complete a venn diagram  about how the books are the same and different.  On the back side of their paper, they can create their own ogres.

Third Grade p.m.  This week we will read the African version of Little Red Riding Hood  – Pretty Salma.   What countries are in Africa?   Let’s take a trip to the high points of Africa.

Fourth Grade –  Those students who need to finish their senses poems will do that in the lab. The others, will read Flicker Flash  and talk about “shape poems” . They will create their own shape poem. If time permits they can explore some poetry books on their own.

Fifth Grade –  This week we will learn about the database Explora for grades 6-8 and also will explore the Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center.

April 8th – April 12th

Kindergarten – This week we will read another version of The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly.  We will read The Cowpoke who Swallowed an Ant. Briefly use the book of Texas to share a few pictures.  Watch this video made by kids for kids about Texas. (5) Learn about armadillos here.  (4) Put together this puzzle of an armadillo.

First Grade – This week we are talking about the habitat known as Tundra.  We will read and compare the following books,  Ice Cream Larry and Counting in the Tundra.  After checkout we will view this video called,  What are Tundras?   (2)   Learn about Polar Bears here.  (4)   Put this polar bear puzzle together.

Second Grade – This week we will talk about our own homes.  We will read the book called Building Our House and look at the Young Architect Books.   Let’s watch a house being built!  and then students will put this house puzzle together.

Third Grade a.m. – In our study of Jack Prelutsky’s poems, this week we will highlight his book called Scranimals.  After we check out our library books, we will use our initials and combine a plant for one initial and an animal for another.  We will create our own Scranimals and then share them with the class.

Third Grade p.m. – This week we will hear the tale Petite Rouge from Louisiana.  We will take a “trip to New Orleans”.

Fourth Grade –  We will finish our Bio poems and Senses poems (students will have to “make a copy” on google docs to begin this assignment) and read poetry books or explore the following poetry websites:  Fizzy Funny Fuzzy site or Ted Scheu, that poetry guy. 

Fifth Grade – This week we will split our time between the Biography Reference Bank and  Sanborn maps. I will demonstrate Biography Reference Bank by using Jackie Robinson.  I will show students the limiters of filters.  I will have them find an interview with a famous person.  and then they can explore Sanborn Maps on our own by choosing a city and a time period.


April 1st – April 5th

Kindergarten – This month we will be reading different versions of There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly.  We will look at books at the table and then discuss what we know about the story of There Was an Old Lady.  First we will prepare for the story by talking about bright colors and reading, Spicy Hot Colors.  Then we will read the colorful tale of There Was an Old Man Who Painted the Sky.  Take a virtual tour of the cave.    Put together this puzzle of a “bright sky”.

First Grade – We will talk about different habitats this month.  This week we will talk about deserts.  We will read,  Way Out in the Desert (fiction) and Counting in the Desert (non-fiction).  We will compare the two books.   A Day in the Desert   Video 2 desert    Color this desert animal here.

Second Grade – We will be doing a unit of study about homes and architecture.  We will read and listen “for the purpose” for which the books were written.  This week we will talk about homes in history and read The Float House.  Here’s a short video about what houses were like throughout time.   Take a look at these homes through the ages.

Third Grade a.m.  – Students this month will explore Jack Prelutsky’s poetry.  This week we will hear, poems from  The Dragons are Singing Tonight.  We will compare it to books we have in the library about dragons.  We will talk about what they perceive dragons to be.  Students will have an opportunity to create/color their own dragons.

Third Grade p.m. –  This month we will hear different versions of Little Red Riding Hood from around the world.  This week we will hear Lon PoPo (China’s version of Red Riding Hood)  We will also read the country book of China.  Students will explore the “best of China” here. 

Fourth Grade –  We will be doing a unit on poetry beginning this week with learning about Bio poems and Senses poems.  Students will make a copy of my Bio poem and Senses poem and then write their own.  If they finish, they are to read some poetry books.

Fifth Grade –  We will be exploring some new databases on INFOhio.  This week we will split our time between Science Online and  I Wonder.  I will demonstrate how you just type in a search topic and you can get articles, diagrams, experiments, news, videos and more. I will type in circulatory system or astronomy.  Then students can try exploring on their own. When they are ready, they can explore IWonder on their own…no explanations necessary.


Mar. 18th – Mar.21st

Kindergarten –  We will finish our study of Dr. Seuss with a reading of   1Fish 2Fish Red Fish Blue Fish  and  My Many Colored Days.   We will look at books with brightly colored pictures  and explore The Cat in the Hat website on INFOhio.    Play a game here.

1st grade – We will conclude our Noodlehead story with the reading of Epossumondas Saves the Day.  We will also look at non-fiction books about turtles.  Then we will use INFOhio’s World book Kids and compare opossums and turtles.    Color a turtle here.

2nd grade – We will compare foxes and wolves by listening to Four Famished Foxes and the Dog Who Cried Wolf.  We will go to WBKids and compare the two animals. 

Compare fox and wolf on A-Z Animals

3rd grade a.m.-  We will do a second week on “cause and effect”.   We will hear the story called Comet’s Nine Lives and talk about how cause and effect plays out in the story.  Following check out we will go over a second handout on cause and effect.

3rd grade p.m. –  We will have a speaker, Matia Matthews, from 1st Knox Freedom Years who will talk about being a tour guide as well as talking about many global cities and landmarks.  If we finish early students can explore on Google Maps or play Geography
Games on the 3rd Grade Geography tab.

4th grade -Students will be writing a persuasive letter to Mrs. Elder this week about what books or series of books she should buy for the library.  Students may still need to check cat jr. to see if our school library has that book or series.     Students may check Barnes and Noble for ideas.

5th grade – After a quick review we will play a kahoot review game about ISearch. (I will mark it on the INFOhio Survey Monkey that I taught this.)

Mar. 11th – Mar. 15th

Kindergarten – Today we will read Seuss’s book,  The Shape of Me.  We will look at Tana Hoban’s book of shapes and look at the slide show about shapes at school.  We will continue looking at Seuss books and the Seussville website.  Play the Go Fish game.

1st grade –  Our next “Noodlehead” story will be,  Why Epossumondas Has No Hair.  We will compare that fiction book to the non-fiction book, Possums.  We will get on World Book Kids to find out what we can learn about possums.  Enjoy this online opossum puzzle!

2nd grade – This week we will compare sharks and whales.  We will listen to and compare the two books – Winter Whale  and Shawn Loves Sharks.  We will go to WB Kids and compare the  two animals.  Enjoy coloring a shark or whale!

3rd grade a.m. –  We will spend the next two weeks talking about cause and effect.  We will read The Rain Came Down by David Shannon.  After checkout we will work on a handout to see if we can identify causes and effects.

3rd grade p.m. –  We will watch our slideshow of the World’s different animals.    Mrs. D’s Class             Miss Rengert’s Class           Mrs. Cooper’s Class               Mrs. Parry’s Class          We will explore and play geography games on the 3rd Grade Geography tab in the menu on FLS Virtual Library.  We will prepare for next week’s speaker.

4th grade – We will make inferences from these Presidents’ speeches.  George W. Bush, Nixon, (WBKids)  and Jimmy Carter

5th grade  – We will  try doing some ISearch challenges.  1.  Try and find a very current article about wind power.  Share it with me.  2.  I need to do research on Vice President Mike Pence.  Where do I begin?  Find the MLA citation for this and tell me what the last word in the citation is.  (Infohio)  3.  Find a magazine article from 2010 about pollution.

Mar. 4th – Mar. 8th

Kindergarten:  It’s the beginning of March and we will celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday this month!  Today we will read Dr. Seuss’ Book of Animals. Children will have a chance to look at different Seuss books and then try a few games on the Seussville website.  Spot the Difference  Grow the Grinch’s Heart  Seuss videos

1st Grade – This will be a fun month of folktales called “Noodlehead” stories.  We will read Epossumondas. We will read a little bit about the state of Louisiana and then we will get out the atlases and find Louisiana on the map.  We will go to World Book kids and look up Louisiana.  We will watch a view clips about what a Louisiana swamp is like.   Morning on the Bayou   Color a picture of an alligator here.  

2nd Grade –  We will talk about what the students know about crocodiles  and alligators. We will share two stories – one dealing with a crocodile (Crocodile Listens) and one with an alligator (If YouEver Want to bring an Alligator to School. Don’t!).  After checkout, we will go to WBKids and find the compare animals feature.  We will infer from the information we find, which animal might be stronger and/or more dangerous.

3rd Grade a.m. – We will do a second lesson on the Iditarod.  We will experience a Primary Source on the Iditarod by listening to Musher and Iditarod Winner Jeff King, himself.  (7min) He will give us the real scoop on the Iditarod. Then we will view Mrs. Elder’s personal pictures of her trip to the sled dog training grounds.    With any time remaining, students can look up Anchorage or Nome on Google Maps.  They can also look up these checkpoints:  Rainy Pass; McGrath; Anvik;  Unalakleet; White Mountain

3rd Grade p.m.  Students will finish their slides and share them with Mrs. Elder.  With remaining time, students can get on 3rd grade geography and explore the slideshow or play the games. Make your slide – Mrs. D’s Class             Miss Rengert’s Class           Mrs. Cooper’s Class               Mrs. Parry’s Class                    Example Slide

4th Grade  will infer, predict and talk about the point of view of a speech by Barak Obama and Reagan and Kennedy.  Speeches are on World Book Student.

5th Grade  – We will take some challenges on ISEARCH and find information about  Ireland and/or St. Patrick’s Day.  1.  Use a research starter on “Ireland” to find its Independence Day.  2.  Find a magazine article about the Blarney Stone.  Get a PDF version if possible.  3.  In what year was the Blarney Castle built and what city is it near?  4.  Find a news article about Saint Patrick and save it to your Google Drive.  Show it to me that it is on your Google Drive.

Feb.25th – Mar. 1st

Kindergarten 1 –  In our rhyming lessons this week we will hear the story,  Mouse Look Out! and then compare it to non-fiction beginning reader book called, “Mice”.  Students can also check-out the book, “Mice” on book flix.  You can color the Three Blind Mice here.

First Grade will finish its study of Presidents.  We will read The President and Mom’s Apple Pie.  We will talk about the duties President Taft performed during the story.  We will then read the non-fiction book, The White House. After checkout, we will take an online tour of the White House.   Here are some fast facts about the white house.   Find a president to color here.

Second Grade –  We will finish up our study of biographies with a story about Ohioan, John Glenn. We will look up John Glenn on WBKids and play the text recording on one of the computers.  We will go to John Glenn’s official site and watch the video tour of what life was like when he was a pilot in WWII.

Third Grade a.m. –  We will begin by asking what don’t we know about the Iditarod.  Then we will search WB Student for “Iditarod” and read what we find.  We will talk about the research process and then watch the research slideshow made by 3rd graders a few years ago.  Following that we will take our own virtual sled dog ride with Jeff King.

Third Grade p.m. –  We will use WBKids (Student) and A-Z Animals   National Geographic Kids as sources of information.After finishing our research, we will work on the slides for our class country/animal slideshow.

Make your slide – Mrs. D’s Class             Miss Rengert’s Class           Mrs. Cooper’s Class               Mrs. Parry’s Class

Fourth Grade -We will wrap up our unit on Steve Jenkins books by playing a kahoot review game about Steve Jenkins.

Fifth Grade –  will continue ISearch practice with specific challenges.  Topics will be related to current events.  1.  Find a PDF version of a magazine or newspaper article about the Westminster Dog Show.  2.  Where would I start my research on King Edward VI?           3.  Find an article about the Mars Rover and save it to your google drive.  Show it to me that it was saved to your account.

Feb. 18th – Feb.22nd

Kindergarten – will continue its study of rhyming books and hear the story of Pout Pout Fish in the Big Dark Ocean.  They will compare that fiction book with the non-fiction book called Oceans.  We will make up motions to the finger play:  Five Little Pouty Fish.  We will Hear another story in the form of a song.  It’s called The Pout Pout Fish Song.  We will watch a video clip about a real Ocean Pout Fish.  Play a rhyme game here.

First Grade –   continues it’s study about Presidents.  We will enjoy the book,  What Presidents are Made Of.   We will all look at books from the book room about Lincoln.  If there is time, we will view a timeline about Lincoln found on BookFlix (People and Places; 5-8; Explore the Web)      Students can see our Presidents here.

Second Grade –  We will continue our study of biographies.  We will listen to: George Washington’s Teeth and look at a small biography about Washington.  We will do activities under Explore the Web in the People and Places section on BookFlix under Washington’s books.  (60 Second Video/Portrait of G. Washington/President’s Day Home Page)

Third Grade a.m. –  We will continue our civil rights study unit by taking part in a reader’s theater about Martin Luther King, Jr.  This is a story about him as a child. We will talk about what freedoms he and his family were denied.  We will review the definition of Civil Rights and practice naming the freedoms.  If we have time, we will read the story my brother Martin.

Third Grade p.m. – Mrs. Elder will demonstrate how to make a text box and how to insert pictures into a google slide.  With the remaining time, students will just explore the Google Slide application and “practice” inserting pictures, and text boxes. Students can also finish up research with their time using:  We will use WBKids (Student) and A-Z Animals National Geographic Kids as sources of information.

Fourth Grade  –  Students will finish book talking their Steven Jenkins book.  With remaining time, we will go review Steve Jenkins website.  If time permits I can read from one of his books.

Fifth Grade –   We will practice using ISearch with some specific ISearch Challenges.